Mordiou is a roleplaying game from John Grumpf. You can find the french edition on : le terrier du Grumpf. This short game proposes to play in Paris XVIIeme century, in the classic musqueteer and court intrigues style. mordiou-Character-sheet-english-v3 PDF mordiou-Character-sheet-english-v3 POWERPOINT I did a translation of the character sheet, as it was. And […]

To introduce the game to my colleagues, I translated Dragon de Poche 2 material from french to english. This is a RolePlaying game emulating fantasy adventures and some of the touch of Dungeon&Dragons. Much lighter to setup and run.  Great for beginners and if you need something to start quickly. I like the way that many […]

Amber is the center of the Universe, and also a very messed up environment to grow up. An oedipal King as father with a collection of queens, and many siblings princes and princesses, all ready to eliminate each others to take the throne. I loved the Amber Diceless roleplaying, and paid my homage with a Fiasco […]

Every year in October I enjoy the BigBadCon convention of RPG in Oakland CA. Organized by Sean Nittner from Narrative Control Podcast since 2011. Please come and enjoy Indy Roleplayings games, and great players and game masters.  

Fengh Shui is an action roleplaying game, inspired by the cheesy american action and HongKong kung-fu movies. Add a bit of time travel and cinematographic villains, and you have a very enjoyable game. The latest version has been republished in 2015 : Feng Shui 2 I wrote those scenarios in French : Voir Palerme et […]

Wastburg is a French Roleplaying Game, based on a book from Cédric Ferrand. The players are Guards of a medieval city, and will investigate the crimes and secrets, NCIS style in the mud and the dirt, without the modern forensic.   I wrote this scenario in French: Le Mystère de Sceaux – “The Mystery of […]

Game Controller is a RolePlaying Game about Roleplaying Game. The proposition is that there is a secret organization in charge of running the game sessions. Imagine that all the Non-Players-Characters are in fact supernumeraries in costume, and that behind the scene a troop of engineers are preparing the sets. And the responsability of the succes of the […]