My take on the Tartine Bread recipe.  This is all about timing and practice.

Depending if you cook your bread in the morning or in the afternoon, you have to plan well your starter.


Long time before : get a starter from a fellow baker, or start your own from whole flour and airborne yeast.

Before : feed the started with 50g flour+50g water every other day.


Day before : make the levain

use the starter (1 cup)  Add 200g lukewarm water, 200g Flour (50% white / 50% whole)

let it rest a full night,  it should bubble at the end

– Wait a night in medium or low temp  or 8h –


Make the dough :

For 2* 500g loath,  Take 200g of  levain, add 1kg flour (90%white, 10%whole), 700g lukewarm water save extra levain for next starter.

Mix well with spatula or hands.

– Wait 20 minutes –

Add 20g salt and 50g water, mix with hands

Keep in a medium temperature pace, covered with a cloth

add extra stuff is needed, like seeds, …

-Wait 2 hours for bulk fermentation  –


First Folding while doing the bulk fermentation

every 30 minutes (for the last 2 hour) use the spatula to stretch a side and fold it back on the top, alternate the side each time (horizontal, vertical)

– manipulate every 30 minutes during 2 hours –


Bench rest

put the doe on the bench as a moat, cut in 2 pieces (one for each loaf)

make sure your bench is not in a cold place or in the wind

– let rest 20 minutes –


Molding and last folding

stretch and fold over each side 4 times (2 directions each time)

Hold as a ball, and gently stretch round one face (the top face) but doing a lifting like a massage

Put it top down in a round recipient with cheese cloth, and a mix of flour (50%rice flour, 50% whole)

add seeds on the top if needed, I like sesame seeds.

– rest one night in fridge or outside  2-4 hours –


Baking :

Preheat over at 500F, with the dutch oven open in it

– preheat 20 minutes, it needs to be hot –


Put extra flour in the dutch oven

put the dough with the top up.

slice the top with 3 cuts or any shapes (use sharp razor), use tiled cuts for larger hears opening

cover, and put in the over

– cook 20 minutes covered at 500F or 450F –

Open the cover of the dutch oven

you will cook until crust nicely brown or burned as liking.

– cook uncovered for 20 minutes  –


Let it rest and cool down. Eat it fresh .