To introduce the game to my colleagues, I translated Dragon de Poche 2 material from french to english.

This is a RolePlaying game emulating fantasy adventures and some of the touch of Dungeon&Dragons. Much lighter to setup and run.  Great for beginners and if you need something to start quickly. I like the way that many classic concepts were revisited: Short rest/ long rest and the management of the XP, virtualized concept of treasures, no levels just extra skills, no equipment list but a bag with usages to get stuff.

The author is the productif John Grümph and you can buy a copy or a pdf of the game in french from Lulu, and discover his game mechanism and his drawing skills.

Translated material :

My custom hacks are :

  • To reduce dice rolling, we use special tactical stances, then roll initiative, and the dices of the initiative are used to determine if there are bad consequences.
  • We can play more races : Humans, Trolls, Goliaths (for Ogres), Shide (elves), Gnomes, Ulfurs, Gobelins.
  • The spells have to be learned with experience (50Xp per spell), and we start with 200XP to spend on spells or raises.
  • the priest/champlain capacity to take wounds cost him 1 hit point per wound (instead of zero)

We finished a campaign and the game logs are hosted here

It’s easy to pick the story if you want to play it.