Mordiou is a roleplaying game from John Grumpf.
You can find the french edition on : le terrier du Grumpf.

This short game proposes to play in Paris XVIIeme century, in the classic musqueteer and court intrigues style.

I did a translation of the character sheet, as it was. And proposed an adaptation of the système to use tokens in a bag instead of dices.
To sum up the differences from the original :

  • Fixed initiative order, instead of rolling dice, rotating around the table. The NPC starts to act on the GM’s seat. Or use a marker between 2 players to represent the NPC’s turns.
    • Optional :  If someone wants to change the initiave order, it has to spend actions on Move and must beat or tie the previous person who did spend move that turn in number of actions. At the end of the turn, we see who was the last to spend the most and he take the initiave next turn. (that way, the last of the turn, can decide to spend most actions to take next init, and play twice in a row)
  •  Using tokens instead of dice, allows for different strategy. If you have 1 bag per player or share one. At the beginning of the game, starts 3 different tokens (gems, coins, kubenbois) with the following proportions :
    • 50% are worth nothing (null)
    • 33% are worth one success (and 1 action)
    • 16% are worth 2 successes. (and 1 action)
  • Chances may change as game progresses, as tokens stay out of the bag for help, or counter).
  • Before picking your tokens, you put back in the bag the help tokens, and your defense tokens.
  • To succeed a test, the sum of successes must beat the difficulty established. (having double success token are good for passing difficulty)
  • You can decide to use the aspect after picking the first tokens, to get 2 extra tokens
  • More actions are possible (not 1, or 3 as before), once you beat the difficulty, every your non null tokens are worth one action. (at that step, only the number of good tokens count, it does not matter if they are single or double successes)
  • You assign your defense tokens after picking tokens from the bag (not before), you can assign the null tokens to your defense, every token worth 1 in defense.

I will post a scenario and characters soon.