Game Controller is a RolePlaying Game about Roleplaying Game.

The proposition is that there is a secret organization in charge of running the game sessions. Imagine that all the Non-Players-Characters are in fact supernumeraries in costume, and that behind the scene a troop of engineers are preparing the sets. And the responsability of the succes of the game session is on the shoulders of the “Game Controllers”, the men in black of the Roleplaying Game Industry.

This time we switch the roles: the players will be the “Game Controllers” GC with the script of the scenario,  while the Game master will incarnate the “Clients”, the heroes that will trash the scenario. Up to the GC to fill the holes in the plot, put the clients on the good track,  to solve problems with NPC diva.

Life of a Game Controller


Get ready, the paraphernalia of a GC is composed as follow:

  • An ironed black suit
  • A pair of also black sun­glasses
  • A cell phone (basic with no camera, with a ring or vibrate mode)
  • An ID, the “Game Controller Card​”, with picture, name and signature.
  • A waterproof black pen and notepad to fill out forms

Pick the script and jump on the underground transport and go to the meeting point with the client, and remember :

 “If you get caught in the performance of your mission, you will deny the existence of the organization, just as we will deny your existence. Until the Intervention group clear the situation.​”


Download the Game :

Please find the documents on pdf.

Story of the Game

The first draft was written in 1995 by Farth and translated from French to English in 2014 by Trumpdeck. The first sessions were played by the members of the “Troquet des dieux” in Orsay.

At this time we played with all the scenarios from the Casus-Belli magazine. Now you can find many scenarios online.


The game is propelled by the FU system, very light and trouble oriented. Sessions are quick, less than 3 hours, and is better for a small number of players. The only requirements are :

  • A set of d6, some tokens for the teamwork points
  • A short scenario from any other game
  • Some Official GC forms and GC cards printed

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