Recette de Oma.

Ingredients :

  • portion of Gio Song (pork ground)
  • 5 tomatoes, in quarters
  • medium Pinapple trunk in can with natural juice
  • 1~2 cans of  chicken broth
  • cilandro, green oignons
  • ngo gai (long herb for pho)
  • chopped half a white oignon
  • sugar, nuocman, ground pepper

Preparation :

Use a pot, sauté oignons in oil, then tomatoes, sugar and pepper, reserve.

Chicken broth, boil it. Season with sugar nuocman.

Add the Gio Song, scoop them one by one, cook them until it floats, then remove them.

Cook the pinapple, season, add herbs.

At the end, add the meat back, then serve.